Antica Ukuleleria

Italian Creative Ukuleles


If it were a bottle of wine it would be a Barolo, a really good one!
Its sound is so complex and beautiful and to it feels like I’m holding something much more solid, yet it resonates at the same time. Brilliant.”

Neil – England – UK

Baritone Galileo

I love my UFO ukulele.   It was made to perfection.   It sounds and plays amazing.  The fretboard is impeccable.  “

Daniel – California – US

Cherry UFOS with Blackwood fingerboard and Ghost Pickups

“Just had a lovely surprise – the courier managed to deliver my new uke about an hour ago, and I’ve been happily playing it ever since !
You are a genius – it not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but the sound when you play is superb – lots of sustain, and it is surprisingly loud for a baby ! All your hours of hard work have paid off, the new way of making it truly works.
I totally, utterly love it !!
And huge thanks as well for the colour-matched case – and for the little sweet treats ! I have some friends coming round this bank holiday weekend, so we can all sample the Italian goodies.
You really are a lovely, lovely, kind man – and the new Sacco is a great success. Whenever you let Barry Maz loose with one, I’ve no doubt at all that he will give it a glowing review and your order book will be full for years ahead !”

Janet – England – UK

Sacco Jesmonite Red Cedar

“Hello Marco, tonight I held the Ukulele in my hands for the first time. It looks really pretty, smells wonderful and feels like satin. It is a real piece of art!
Thank you and many greetings from Vienna!

Michael – Austria 

296 - Sopranino castagno REVIEW