Materials and methods from the Italian Master Luthiers of the past are
combined with the modern technological wonders and plenty of mad creativity.

I’m Marco Todeschini a luthier specialized in the ukulele building.
Antica Ukuleleria is a small workshop placed just a few steps away from the Lessina Natural Park,
in the province of Verona.

icone Model


I tend to put a little bit of myself in my creations: my taste, my point of view on the craftmanship, part of my ethics.
It’s not a choice, I can’t prevent this. This means that I always make sure I like and enjoy the result of my work.
These are the key points of Antica Ukuleleria:

icone Model


I always try to reach my dream sound: good volume, attack and dynamics. Sustain is not my primary target, but a pinch certainly doesn’t hurt. I look for comfortable necks and fast fretboards, with the most precise intonation I can get.

icone Model


I build no ordinary instruments. Even if I like experimenting with shapes, materials and new techniques, I try to keep clean designs that look unusual yet elegant.

Maple tenor with green dyed maple binding
icone Model


Trained as a traditional luthier in a classical school, I developed a passion for digital manufacturing too. I now combine old style trade secrets with cnc and laser cutters. I think that, in instrument making, some steps are better done by a human hand, some others with the help of a machine.

CNC Milling
icone Model


Even if I am a micro business I think that everyone has to do its part in such a crucial moment for the environment. Woods, finishes and other materials are carefully choosen keeping this concept in mind.

Sacco soprano with resin binding
CNC Milling


I build ukuleles in two main different ways: custom instruments and standard models. You’ll be able to configure your own Acustico or Elettrico,  by choosing woods, decorations and other options. Not in the mood for custom? Pick among my personally designed out-of-the-box instruments like the tiny Allegro Sopranino or the cosmic UFOS – Ukuleles From Outer Space.
Both custom and standard models are made with quality materials and  meticulous care, even if they follow different building and ordering process.


Please read more about the building and ordering process Here or discover all the peculiarities about my ukes Here.

Take a look at the GALLERY of some of my past works.