Antica Ukuleleria

Italian Creative Ukuleles


Materials and methods from the Italian Master Luthiers of the past are
combined with the modern technological wonders and plenty of mad creativity.

I’m Marco Todeschini a luthier specialized in the ukulele making.
Antica Ukuleleria is a small workshop located just a few steps away from the Lessina Natural Park, in the province of Verona – Italy.


I like to invent new methods, discover new shapes and borrow techniques from other arts and crafts.

I am always looking to improve the acoustic and the aesthetic qualities of my instruments, and I really enjoy studying new ways to optimize their construction process, in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Over the years all this has given rise to a series of particular models, different from standard ukuleles that contributed to creating my recognizable style.

Galileo tenor ukulele cherry
Sacco ukulele
Allegro Sopranino
UFOS Ukulele From Outer Space


I like to put a little bit of myself in my creations: my taste, my point of view on the craftmanship, my ethics.
It’s not a choice, I can’t prevent this. This means that I always make sure I like and enjoy the result of my work.
These are the key points of Antica Ukuleleria:

icone Model


I always try to reach my dream sound: good volume, attack and dynamics. Sustain is not my primary target, but a pinch certainly doesn’t hurt. I look for comfortable necks and fast fretboards, with the most precise intonation I can get.

icone Model


I build no ordinary instruments. Even if I like experimenting with shapes, materials and new techniques, I try to keep clean designs that look unusual yet elegant.


icone Model


Trained as a traditional luthier in a classical school, I combined the passion for old techinques with the wonders of modern times.
I think that, in instrument making, some steps are better done by a human hand, some others with the help of a machine.

icone Model


Even if I am a micro business I think that everyone has to do its part in such a crucial moment for the environment. Woods, finishes and other materials are carefully choosen keeping this concept in mind.

Galileo Allegro