Materials and methods from the Italian Master Luthiers of the past are
combined with the modern technological wonders and plenty of mad creativity.

I’m Marco Todeschini a luthier specialized in the ukulele making.
Antica Ukuleleria is a small workshop located just a few steps away from the Lessina Natural Park,
in the province of Verona – Italy.

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I like to put a little bit of myself in my creations: my taste, my point of view on the craftmanship, my ethics.
It’s not a choice, I can’t prevent this. This means that I always make sure I like and enjoy the result of my work.
These are the key points of Antica Ukuleleria:

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I always try to reach my dream sound: good volume, attack and dynamics. Sustain is not my primary target, but a pinch certainly doesn’t hurt. I look for comfortable necks and fast fretboards, with the most precise intonation I can get.

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I build no ordinary instruments. Even if I like experimenting with shapes, materials and new techniques, I try to keep clean designs that look unusual yet elegant.

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Trained as a traditional luthier in a classical school, I developed a passion for.
I think that, in instrument making, some steps are better done by a human hand, some others with the help of a machine.

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Even if I am a micro business I think that everyone has to do its part in such a crucial moment for the environment. Woods, finishes and other materials are carefully choosen keeping this concept in mind.