UFOS – Ukulele From Outer Space

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UFOS are solidbody electric tenor ukuleles with an eye for sound manageabilitydesign and look personalization.
The body is routed and then filled with an innovative eco-fiendly epoxy resin, that is hand-colored and hand-poured, giving random effects that assures the uniqueness of every instrument.

The mahogany neck has a fingerboard made from Blackwood Tek, a very stable and sustainable substitute of ebony.

The standard pickup is an undersaddle piezo sensor. Even if the pickup is passive it is quite powerful and a lot of customers reviewed me that they use UFOS without any preamplificator, right through a standard guitar amplifier.

Ghost Pickup is an optional pickup that substitutes the standard undersaddle piezo. It consists in 4 separated saddles with individual sensors, that allows every single string to be adjusted individually in action and compensation, giving the possibility to have virtually perfect intonation (particularly difficult to reach on small instruments with plastic strings).


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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 74 × 30 × 15 cm

ATTENTION – Bodies and necks will soon be made from local wood (pearwood and cherry) instead of mahogany.
All images refer to mahogany instruments and will be replaced as soon as possible.


Body: Cherry or Pearwood
Neck: Cherry or Pearwood
Fingerboard: Blackwood Tek
Inlays: Bio-based epoxy

UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space green
UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space
UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space
UFOS Antica Ukuleleria Electric Ukulele
UFOS Antica Ukuleleria Electric Ukulele
UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space
UFOS Antica Ukuleleria Electric Ukulele