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Sacco is maybe the most unusual of Antica Ukuleleria’s models, due to both its shape and the materials is made of.

Sacco ukulele
Allegro Sopranino Cherry
Allegro Sopranino Cherry
Allegro Sopranino Cherry


Carefully made with Erupean woods combined with a paper mache shell. 

Body: modified paper mache

Soundboard: Laminate birch or Red Spruce

Neck: Cherry

Fretboard and bridgelight color oiled wood (Oak or Pear depending on availability)

Soprano: 440€
Tenor: 540€


Black Binding: +40€

Spruce soundboard:  +30€
It gives a richer sound and more volume. It is also a much delicate wood that catch scratches and dings more easily.

Handmade antiqued hard case: +110€

Allegro Sopranino is Antica Ukuleleria’s little one.
The sound is punchy and unexpectedly powerful compared to its dimension: while it’s not full and rich like the sound of a standard size uke it has its own character (it reminds me of an old valve radio) which will continue to grow the more you use it.
And most of all…it’s super cute!

The new design makes it very thin and easy to carry around.

The body comes from a single carved piece of cherry or chestnut wood. 
Standard soundboard is made with the same wood of the body, but it can be upgraded to the reliable Red Spruce to have more volume. Please note that spruce is more delicate and will show the normal signs of wear more quickly.

A special string setting allows this sopranino model to sound clear and loud to the standard GCEA tuning despite the small scale lenght (28cm).

Order a SACCO

Secure your slot in the building list by booking a Sacco Ukulele.
You will only be asked to pay the deposit, the balance due will be requested once the instrument has been completed.