Deposit for a Galileo


By paying this non-refoundable deposit you will book a slot for a Galileo.
Before your purchase please be sure to:

  1. see and agree with the way I make my ukuleles, by looking at the My Style page,
  2. check the current status of the timing, by looking at the Building List page,
  3. check the shipping costs depending on your country, by looking at the Shipping page.

After you have paid this deposit I will send you an email as soon as possible, to confirm the timing and the features of your ukulele.

When your ukulele is completed I will contact you and send you photos, only then will I ask you to pay the remaining balance due and the instrument will be shipped. I will give you all the information and the tracking number.

Please select the options you prefer, you’ll see a grey label informing you about the total price of the instrument, even if for now you’ll be asked to pay the deposit only.

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