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Sacco is a ukulele with a shell made of jute bio-composite.
Jute is infused with a special bio-based epoxy resin while inside a mold under vacuum.
The process, sofisticated but still artisanal, took a long time to be learnt, but now  let me build a uke that it’s a lot stronger than the other models I do, making it perfect as a travel companion.
Sacco’s body is far less afected by humidity changes, more resistant to scratches and almost immune to cracks.
To achieve this resistance the soundboard is made with a very thin and particular Birch laminate, that sounds very good and powerful. If you want an even more powerful sound you can decide to have a Val di Fiemme Red Spruce  or  Cedar top (sacrificing a bit of Sacco’s invulnerability, since spruce and cedar are more delicate than birch laminate).

Resin infusion is usually an industrial process, it took me a lot of tests lasted almost a year to replicate it in an artisanal scale.
Jute parts could have little defects, like very tiny bubbles on the surface of the resin, due to the technical limits of the small non-industrial equipment I use.