Marco’s strings


“Fluorocarbon fishing line, rigorously hand-bought by hand-clicking on the internet, hand-cut and then hand-enveloped. Just like the good old days!”

For a couple of years I have been experimenting with fishing line as strings for my ukulele.
After a lot of tests I identified the line brand and the diameters that I like the most and I started putting them by default on my instruments. After various requests from customers who wanted extra strings, I decided to prepare nice envelopes and make them available on the website.

I’m experimenting keeping the same diameters for the 3 standard sizes (soprano, concert and tenor), only the tension changes.


  • Standard – for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles with medium tension.
  • Sopranino – custom stings to let Allegro Sopranino play at the standard octave in GCEA tuning.