Please tell me the color you would like, I’ll tell you if it’s technically possible for me to make it.

Effe is an electric archtop ukulele and for now it comes only in tenor size.
I laminate ash veneer on custom molds and them press them under vacuum to obtain a strong but light structure, very suitable to be used in a semiacoustic instrument, due to the higher resistence to the Larsen effect.
It’s my only model strung with steel strings and it’s amplified with a magnetic pickup hand-wound by me in my workshop. The pickup can be controlled in tone and volume by 2 thumbwheel under the pickuguard.
I choose to put a black finish on the sides and to give a color touch only to the top and the back, increasing the contrast and mixing some modern design with the retro style suggested by the smooth curves and the F-shaped soundholes.