300 – Walnut Tenor Libero


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Soundboard: Walnut
Back & Sides: Walnut
Neck: Cherry
Fingerboard: Pearwood
Bridge: Pearwood
Bindings and Cutaway: Blue resin
Finish: Oil finish

My 300th ukulele!
I decided to see this milestone as a turning point, to try to use less and less dangerous products and materials in my laboratory. The epoxy resin, which I use to make the colored bindings, is one of them, and therefore this is probably the last ukulele with this particular look (with the exception of the ukuleles already commissioned in the coming months).

I’ve had this color combination in mind for a long time: the dark color of walnut gives a beautiful contrast to the blue bindings. The last color to the palette is the light brown of pear and cherry (specially chosen instead of a black ebony or blackwood fretboard) to maintain a warmer and more natural colour.

The sound is not explosive like in other models (expecially the ones with spruce soundboards), but is very balanced and “easy” thanks to the very comfortable pearwood fretboard.

The ukulele is finished with a natural oil that gives a very smooth and soft feeling to the touch.

Note: epoxy is dangerous only in its processing (fumes, splits and dust), of course it is harmless for the user when the ukulele is finished!