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the antiqued chestnut body is only available with a soundboard of the same wood.
For more information about the woods click here.
Please remember that this is a simple representation: in real life both the colors and the grain of the woods could change.

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Cherry, Chestnut, Antiqued Chestnut


Same Wood, Spruce


Soundboard: Cherry, chestnut or red spruce
Back & Sides: Cherry or chestnut
Neck: Cherry or chestnut
Fingerboard: Pearwood
Bridge: Pearwood

Galileo Cherry Tenor Ukulele
Galileo Cherry Tenor Ukulele

Cherry Galileo

Galileo Chestnut Tenor Ukulele

Chestnut Galileo

Galileo Cherry Tenor Ukulele

The soundboard module

Galileo Cherry Tenor Ukulele

The back plate module

Galileo Chestnut Tenor Ukulele

Bolt-on neck

Galileo Cherry Tenor Ukulele

Corian Nut, ZERO-Fret and minimal headstock


Comparison between two Galileo tenor ukuleles, built in chestnut and cherry.
I’m trying to play an excerpt from “Assam, Like a bird”, one of my favorite James Hill tunes.