Here a list of the features you can find in all the ukuleles I build.

0 Fret

I put a 0-Fret in all of my ukuleles: I think it helps a lot in finding a good intonation and in having the most comfortable action at the nut. This features also gives a better tone balance between fretted and unfretted notes.


I try to build instruments’ bodies as light as I can, since I believe it has a lot to do with the final sound richness.
I also like elegant designs so I tend to build instrument with low sides that give a slimmer general appearance. Low sides help me also in shaping the sound, as they are stiffer they let the soundboard vibrate more.


I like to control the final sound of the instrument also through to the string choice. I personally “produce” my own strings starting from high quality fluorocarbon fishing line spools. After a lot of experiments I now found the combination of brands and gauges that I like. I gained enough experience to retouch the instrument’s feeling and sound by working on these variables.

Smart processes

CNC Milling

Of course an artisan musical instrument is far more expensive than a factory made one, but if you are a little bit into the professional handmade ukulele scene, you’ll notice that my prices are below average. Is that because I lack in quality? Is that because the other makers ask more than the necessary? None of these! It’s just because I chose to take a different path. I’m aiming for a leaner production and a smart design. Certain processes are left to modern machines and digital manufactury, so I have more time for the ones in which human hand, creativity and sesitivity are indispensable.