Elettrico is the main electric model of Antica Ukuleleria.
Simple and humble, with no frills but with everything it needs to sound great!
I decided to keep my standard model clean and minimal, focusing on sound quality, playability and reliability  rather than decorations.
If you want to customize your uke, you just have to try this configurator that will let you choose among various bindings and other features in an intuitive way. Have fun!


Bodies and necks will soon be made from local wood (pearwood and cherry) instead of mahogany.
Standard fretboards will be made in Pearwood.
All images refer to mahogany instruments with blackwood fretboards and will be replaced as soon as possible.


Body: Cherry or Pearwood
Neck: Cherry or Pearwood
Fingerboard: Pearwood
Finish: Oil finish

Tenor Elettrico without bindings

Standard Elettrico model is kept simple and clean, if you want to customize it please use this configurator.

Elettricos with different bindings
Tenor Elettrico without bindings
Tenor Elettrico back
Custom Elettrico with maple top
Tenor Elettrico with blue dyed bindings
Custom Elettrico with maple top
Custom bass ukulele
Tenor Elettrico with blue dyed bindings