Allegro Bassino

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Allegro Bassino is a tiny bass in a sopranino shape.

Its tuning is the same of a standard bass guitar (or bass ukulele) but one octave higher.

Of course it is not intended to be a substitute for a regular bass, but it’s really fun to play and it can give a lot of amusement. It has a very distinctive sound, full of character, it reminds me of a cute small double-bass with a cold 🙂
It’s really hard to stop playing it.

It comes with a piezo undersaddle sensor that will suprise you once plugged into an amp.
Given its extremely small size the unplugged sound is not powerful, but still audible and enjoyable while playing it alone on the sofa (we all love it) or exercising.

Body comes from a single carved piece of cherry wood. Neck and fretboard too are CNC carved from a single piece of cherry and then glued to the body with a robust finger joint.

Standard soundboard is made with cherry too, but can be upgraded to the reliable Red Spruce to have slightly more volume. Please note that spruce is also more delicate and will show the normal signs of wear more quickly.



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Cherry, Red Spruce


No, Simple Black


Soundboard: Cherry or Val di Fiemme Red Spruce
Back & Sides: Carved Cherry
Neck: Cherry
Bridge: Cherry
Finish: Oil finish


Allegro Sopranino and Allegro Bassino