Antica Ukuleleria | UFOS – Ukuleles From Outer Space
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UFOS – Ukuleles From Outer Space

UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space - Electric Ukulele
UFOS Ukuleles From Outer Space - Electric Ukulele

UFOS are solidbody electric ukuleles with an eye for comfort, sound manageability, design and look personalization.
They are born from the combination of traditional handcraft and the technological wonders I found when I moved my workshop inside a Fablab.
The new version of these instruments brings this concept to the highest level, giving me the possibility to build artisanal and creative ukuleles with a price that is far lower then my standard handmade instruments.


While the long and uncreative part of the job is entrusted to a CNC machine, the precise work is still made by hand, making these instruments 50% handmade 50% machine-made.


Do you play uke in a band? Do you want to rock? Do you love SciFi movies? UFOS is the right electric ukulele for you!

Want one of these?


UFOS are electric solidbody ukueleles made of mahogany, blackwood tek, plexiglass and aluminium.

The neck is made of a combination of wood and aluminium and it is easily separable from the body, making UFOS  friendly traveling companions!

You can pick your own color!

Available sizes: Soprano, Concert, Tenor and now… Bass!



New UFOS have a solid mahogany body with a laser cut black PMMA top.

Colored laser cut PMMA details are applied to give a personal look, pick your own! I like to use some particular fluorescent acrylic sheets: the ukulele will shine in the natural light, but try to put it under a black light…Surprise!

The fingerboard is made of Blackwood Tek, an ecological substitute for ebony, and much care is reserved for its making. The neck is very peculiar, since it is a half wood and half aluminum piece, it has also an unusual D shape but it is very smooth.

The sound is supplied by a passive piezo pickup put under the corian saddle. The combination of a solid body and a piezo pickup produces a very manageable signal, highly resistant to feed-back. An external preamp is not mandatory but it is recommended for better results.