The Workshop

Antica Ukuleleria is a small workshop, actually very small, about 4×4 meters, but you know, I really don’t need a lot of space since I’m not building double-basses!
In this room I have everything I need to hand make ukuleles, and when I step out of my door I find myself in a FabLab: a fabrication laboratory, where innovation has the shape of of 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC routers. The combination of the traditional tecniques with the new technologies gave birth to something unexpected that is now completely part of my work:

the hand making of an instrument is accompanied by the use modern machines, very useful to invent precise tools that help my production. Even the materials’ choice follows the same logic: I can go from the most common woods used in the classical lutherie such as Red Spruce, Maple and Ebony, to unusual ones and new materials.
So I happen to match Red Spruce with carbon fiber, Maple with hemp composit, Pear with technologiclly treated woods.