Terms and Conditions


Once your order is placed I will send a Paypal Pro Forma Invoice that contains all the order info,
total amount and the estimate beginning date.
To confirm the order you will just need to pay a non-refundable 100€ deposit.
To do this just use the botton included Pro forma invoice: it will allow you to do a partial payment
and to pay the balance later when the instrument will be completed.

I build tailor made instruments and every ukulele is very personal.

The building requires a long time and effort, this is why I advice you to be sure before placing an order as I do not accept instruments back.
In case you are not happy with your instrument, do not hesitate to contact me,
I will put all my effort in finding a suitable solution for both.


I do guarantee free repairs on my instrument.
The warranty is valid only for instruments sold directly by Antica Ukuleleria.
Shipping expenses are at customer’s charge.
The warranty is not valit for damages caused by the owner’s negligence.