Antica Ukuleleria | How to Order
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How to Order

Under every ukulele page you can find an ORDER form.
Just fill it with your name and email and then configure your ukulele.
Depending on the model you can choose size and other options: color, radiussed fretboard etc…

Click SEND to send me a summary of your choices, no payment is required in this first moment.
I’ll be back to you as soon as possible, with an offer and an estimation of the timing.


After receiving all the info, you will just need to respond my email to confirm the order.
At this point you will be asked to proceed with the payment of a non refundable deposit that corresponds

to 1/4 of the total amount of the instrument, necessary to cover part of the material costs.
The remaining due amount is to be paied once the instrument will be ready, right before shipping.
Payment is via PayPal or Bank transfer.
I build tailor made instruments and every ukulele is very personal.

The building requires a long time and effort, this is why I advice you to be sure before placing an order as I do not accept instruments back.
In case you are not happy with your instrument, do not hesitate to contact me,
I will put all my effort in finding a suitable solution for both.


I do guarantee free repairs on my instrument.
The warranty is valid only for instruments sold directly by Antica Ukuleleria.
Shipping expenses are at customer’s charge.
The warranty is not valit for damages caused by the owner’s negligence.


  • Italy

  • Europe

  • Extra Europe


Rough estimate of the shipping costs.
They can vary depending on the ukulele’s size or other particular circumstances.