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Antico Handmade Ukulele
Antico Handmade Ukulele

Antico is made with the same woods you would use to build a violin: Italian Red Spruce for the top, Figured Maple for the back, sides and neck, and Ebony for the fingerboard. The Red Spruce comes from Paneveggio Forest, the same woods that Antonio Stradivari preferred for his instruments.


Soundboard: Val di Fiemme Red Spruce
Back & Sides: Figured Maple
Neck: Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Nut & Saddle: Ebony or Corian
Bindings: Ebony
Finish:  Oil finish and shellac

  • Soprano

  • 900
    • Pegheds: +100€
    • Radiused fretboard: + 60€

  • Concert

  • 1000
    • Pegheds: +100€
    • Radiused fretboard: + 60€

  • Tenor

  • 1100
    • Pegheds: +100€
    • Radiused fretboard: + 60€

Antico Handmade Ukulele
Antico Handmade Ukulele

Double finish: raw shellac for back and sides, oil finish for the soundboard.
The neck is left unfinished, just like a violin, improving the feeling.

Antico Handmade Ukulele

Antico headstock cna be upgraded with Pegheds. They looks like ebony violin pegs, but the works like planetary tuners, combining style and practicality of use




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